Chateau Grief 475

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Chateau Grief 475

Grant: Eugene, are you there?

Xander: Yeah. You all right?

Grant: Egad. When did you find out?

Xander: Tonight. I should have listened better. Kore told me all this days ago. But it was so smooth, so unconcerned, I didn’t understand what it meant.

Grant: What should we do? Do you think the police would come and arrest her?

Xander: Why?

Grant: There’s no statute of limitations on murder.

Xander: If you think that was murder what must you think of all these times I killed someone for their sins?

Grant: It’s entirely different! You’re the government here!

Grant: You’re supposed to keep law and order.

Grant: Except when you beheaded that woman two days ago. I was really disappointed in you for that.

Author Notes:

Summertime is definitely here. Well not for xander's localized snowstorm...but...,