Chateau Grief 59

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Chateau Grief 59

Caption: 45 Minutes later...

Reverend Scooby: Charge, men! And may the force be with you!

International Church of Jedi Knights: And also with you!

Di: What does the International Church of Jedi Knights have against tanning? They wear our handmade shoes! Such quality footwear!

Kore: To hazard a guess...the smell.

Esme: Who granted them a religious license!

Grant: What are you, a Puritan? What's wrong with 'em?

Minister Ski-Jump Bob: Rather more excitement than our usual inspections.

Minister Swingle Bingle: Oh I'm sure these cats had the best intentions.

Minister Ski-Jump Bob: What a great, great day to be a Satanist!

Marozi: Gentlemen, I assure you Prime Minister Diaboloniana Beelzebubba is in absolutely no danger!

Di: I never understood why you homeopaths have such an antipathy to us. We provided your people with the ancient studies of witchcraft and herbs that you now toss around as 'scientific'.

Di: Why can't you return to your mother church?

Kore: Congratulations on your election. I understand that a coalition government hasn't been attempted in years.

Di: It's never easy making real progress in politics. I've yet to have my swearing-in with the Evil Overlord. But I'm not afraid of him.

Di: It's part of our creed, what makes us the individuals we claim to be. If you walk around fearing to face evil in life, you'll never get much of anywhere. Why not strike a deal with the devil?

Di: That's a campaign slogan I've been poll testing. What do you think?

Kore: A champagne bottle? Amateurs!

Di: Oh my badness!

Author Notes:

Last character I'll introduce, I swear.  (She's already popped up briefly back in Chapter 1)  Is the ICJK still a thing in New Zealand/Britain?  Way to go changing the census guys, I won't forget it, I think that was 2005?