Chateau Grief 61

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Chateau Grief 61

Xander: The International Church of what? What is it with people and religion?! Now I'll have to punish them.

Xander: Be thinking of a good punishment

Grant: They still don't have quarters for Kore. She spend the night in a flophouse broom closet.

Xander: Stupid suit doesn't fit anymore!

Grant: Would you like me to hook you in, O telepath sovereign?

Xander: You're too kind.

Grant: I suggest that you step in and find her some more comfortable accommodations

Grant: Eugene, broom closet!

Xander: Ok! You're right! That's probably not a good place to keep her.

Grant: Or anyone else.

Xander: Keep bugging me and I'll halve his food rations.

Xander: You don't happen to remember where I put my sword, do you?

Xander: Every time I have to swear in a new Prime Minister...I think about growing a mustache. Don't you think this monkey suit deserves a fringe?

Grant: No.

Narration(Xander): My mind already walks too close to Shane's closet.

Narration(Xander): Grant would not want me to risk it...if he knew...what is really going on.

Author Notes:

Xander has the most bizarre decorating tastes.  I think we all agree with Jeeves in re the brush.,