Chateau Grief 63

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Chateau Grief 63

Anne: But on his Ruritainian side, which was always closer...the Allard Rassendyls for example...

Telepathy(Xander): Good show, Anne. Pearls before swine, but good show.

Narration(Xander): Still smarting from Di's hitlerian seizure of power. Zipper stuck.

Di: Good morning Evil Overlord Xander. I have the pleasure to inform you that I have been selected by the representatives of the people to be their leader.

Di: It is therefore my intention to challenge you to a duel of magic for control of the island.

Xander: That was the old line. We haven't done that for years. You're supposed to kneel so I can knight you.

Di: Yes! A duel of magic!

Di: Surely you're not afraid of a sporting wager! Where is your spirit guide!

Di: There you sit unassailable on your throne but if you came out in the open to test your strength...against my master Satan, then we could see truly deserve to be called evil!

Di: By the have this totally eerie reminds me of someone I just don't have a granddaughter do you?

Xander: No!

Author Notes:

Shoutout to the immortal and invincible Maxwell Grant: How's the wrists?  

This location, by the way, is from the incomparable Blenheim Palace, home of his grace the Duke of Marlborough.  I have to provide a link his site because there's a fabulous tour video on the front page.  Ta, duckie!  Note: my version has removed the creepy eyeballs from the ceiling in favor of Eynhallow's totally-not-creepy bicephalous raven. Lor-Love-A-Duck!