Chateau Grief 217

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Chateau Grief 217

Di: Ultracrepidating! That's the word for criticizing someone whne you have no idea what they're talking about!

Xander: Simply fascinating.

Di: He even made a list for me so I'd to do everything correctly and get the children to their events!

Xander: Are you sure you wouldn't rather inflate some currency?

Di: No. What is this? A squab? So tender! Anyways, Robert.

Di: He went to the elders of the church behind my back. And he told them...

Di: ...about the laundry incident! I felt so betrayed.

Di: I thought we had laid the whole thing to rest...but then they showed up on Friday night, with their b...b...witches in tow...and wanted to pray about it.

Di: I think that's the day love died.

Footman: More brandy?

Xander: Yes.

Xander(narration): I can hear the faint sound of an accordion...smell the lavender...

Kore: You have folk dancing here? That's unique! Your own national dance!

Swordfish: I think it started as a ministry of silly walks. Before my time.

Di: I never learned to think for myself before. But after it was all over, I realized that no one did. We all wanted to be lost sheep, found by a shepherd. And we were willing to elevate the worst charlatan to the post.

Di: Because if we're just following orders, then we won't have to face up to God and explain what we'd done with our lives. And if the guy's a scumbag, well then, so much the better! We were deceived by our own goodness. Gentle as doves.

Di: So I decided that the best follower of God was Ludcifer. Because at least he knew he was damned.

Footman: Rum in your coffee, sir?

Xander: All the rum.

Author Notes:

But Di, please tell us how you got your costumes, were you bitten by a radioactive spider?  Did you wrap yourself in kryptonian swaddling clothes?   

Xander's tiramisu looks super tasty