Chateau Grief 223

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Chateau Grief 223

Kore: No. Hell no.

Narration(Kore): His mind is all over the place.

Narration(Kore): Wondering how he should approach me...

Narration(Kore): How many times he's watched Grant hang up his hat before a showdown...praying it'll land straight despite his preoccupation...

Xander: I never pity Rhelan when he faces me down. I make him fight for what he believes in. Take an expert's advice: he never loses.

Kore: Doesn't it bother you that I can see what you want? Every twinge of embarrassment and awkwardness...over finally getting up your courage to chase me down?

Xander: No. Besides I'm not embarrassed. I'm offering you the information that you were trying to get out of Swordfish earlier.

Xander: And I know you're going to come round. Because don't forget: I know you. I always know what everyone's thinking.

Xander: It's convenient to have it reciprocated.

Kore: Well I won't dance.

Kore: Don't ask me.

Xander: That's the spirit!

Author Notes:

c'mere ya tap dancing dork

characters: Kore, Xander