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Chateau Grief 24

Xander: I guess you wouldn't understand a game that's ninety percent mental and the other half physical.

Caption: more Yogi Berra

Thought(Kore): A shipwreck, an island, and this man...

Kore: What's to understand?

Thought(Kore): Who I'm pretty sure didn't look like this before...

Kore: Every play is decided by a guy that they call a vampire.

Caption: These are the jokes, kids, let's face it.

Thought(Kore): It is the same man...and what is this crazy buzz in my...our...heads?

Xander: There are umpires...and there are those that hold the title.

Caption: Al Barlick

Thought(Kore): ...telepath...I'm not ready to make that call.

Crowd: Fight! Spit in his eye! Punch her in the teeth! Fight! Sock it to the kisser!

Thought(Kore): This is insane, but it wouldn't be the first time I've hallucinated something this bizarre.

Allyson: Come on, break it up!

Allyson: ...or I'll curse your ancestors.

Allyson: I really mean it this time!

Allyson: What is your problem! You could have attracted his attention to that fight!

Kore: Fight? Doesn't anyone on this island have a sense of humor?

Thought(Kore): ...sense of humor...the kind that drugs me at a party...shanghais me to a renaissance faire, picks a fight over Uncle Sam...

Telepathy(Xander):...and sinks your yacht.

Allyson: Allyson Hipsher. You look pale. Have you tried echinacea? or gluten free?

Kore: No, but I wouldn't say no to a screwdriver.

Allyson: what? why?

Kore: Never mind.

Thought(Kore): Obviously, someone on this island thinks he's a regular comedian.

Author Notes:

Got stung by yellowjackets yesterday.  It experience.  Harvest is in full swing here  hope I can make my deadline next week! Oh and the horse went lame.  The life of a country gentleman is full of unexpected disasters.  I hope the tractors didn't hear me say that, but the sky did because now it's raining.  C'est la vie!