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Chateau Grief 25

Allyson: It's ridiculous, isn't it? Xander insists that homeopaths are just a bunch of druggies.

Allyson: And when we're around officials we have to call ourselves 'Goody'. I'll be 'Goody' Hipsher.

Kore: I suppose I'll be 'Goody' Two Shoes?

Allyson: Hardy har. Never heard that before.

Allyson: Go on. Put it on.

Kore: What do you mean, put it on?

Allyson: You're joining our guild. All residents of Eynhallow have to have a guild and all the guilds have to have a uniform.

Kore: Why?

Allyson: I don't know. No one knows. No one asks. Trust me, you don't want Xander to answer.

Kore: Kinda drafty isn't it?

Telepathy(Kore): Think. Think.

Allyson: Don't be shy!

Kore: Got an undershirt? I'm old fashioned. More first-wave.

Allyson: In the chest. I knew from the moment I saw you that you would bring a great presence to the guild. I could just see your indigo aura...building up over by Gino's booth and I thought to myself...

Kore: Gino?

Allyson:...Allyson, there's a natural witch for you.

Allyson: Got a name?

Kore: Cecil Rhodes.

Allyson: So I can call you Cissy then?

Kore: No, it's Kore.

Allyson: Cissy is such a nice name though! Corey, isn't that a boy's name?

Kore: Κόρη

Allyson: Are you sure that you wouldn't rather be Cissy?

Kore: It's a weird question...but I have to ask...have I died and gone to hell?

Allyson: I know the dress is a lot of fabric, but you'll be happy for it. It gets cold here. But it's not a bad place. ...Except for Xander. ...I guess you get used to the idea of him though...after a few years.

Author Notes:

Gino Alessandrone the Fifth, probably. if you know your roman numerals.