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Chateau Grief 26

Grant: You really wear your insecurities on your sleeve, don't you...

Grant: You were always a greasy little punk. If you think this is an improvement, you're very much mistaken.

Grant: What are you even doing here? I thought you were going to mope in the palace all day!

Xander: A sewage main broke down by that new housing project. The Protectionist Party wanted me to go down and troubleshoot it.

Xander: I figured that I'd check on you. Make sure Kore hadn't accidentally killed you or anything. Before I head out to conjure a hundred shovels and force the tenants to start digging.

Xander: See ya.

Grant: No, no, no! Wait Eugene!

Grant: Vespasian Xander don't you dare leave me like this! I know you're listening!

Grant: Eugene!

Thought(Grant): What am I going to do?

Grant: Never mind!

Xander: You are such a hypocrite.

Author Notes:

well it's not short, but it's a gag comic.  couldn't resist.