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Chateau Grief 27

Kore: What guild is this?

Allyson: Naturopathic Advocacy For the Time of Aquarius

Kore: You're kidding. Except you're not. I'll bet you've never even heard of NAFTA.

Allyson: Silly! Of course I have! We're NAFTA!

Kore: Yeah, like your Gino out there is NTSB. Esmerelda Jones leaves the USGS to join the CPSC and I'm pretty sure I saw DARPA and the Patriot Act somewhere.

Kore: Feminist Bovine Inspectors?

Allyson: What's that dear? Don't you like us?

Kore: Oh lady, I'll join.

Kore: Who do I have to ice to get in?

Allyson: No killing, we go out in the fields and gather herbs.

Allyson: We're supposed to do some witch doctoring. Unfortunately, people don't take much stock with magic...thanks to Xander.

Allyson: We make good tea, though.

Thought(Kore): At this point, the chances of her having a gun are functionally zero. I need weapons and supplies. But I really need communication...unless I want the boys to show up with a squadron of Apaches.

Allyson: I know how disoriented you must be. To be taken from the life that you had before...and exiled here with him forever. To know that you'll never see your family or friends again...and you spend the years trying to guess where you went so wrong. But the pain eases. Eventually, you hardly remember the life you left behind.

Xander: Listen to her, Kore. Everyone has a story to tell...and you can see it through her eyes...understand her wretched soul like no one else...except for me, of course.

Author Notes:

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