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Chateau Grief 28

Flashback(Allyson): Just listen governor! One minute of your time! A cure for cancer! Why won't anyone listen to me!

Allyson: How did they trick you into coming here? Perhaps that's the best place to start explaining from.

Kore: I don't remember. Anything.

Allyson: Were you in trouble with the law?

Kore: My head hurts.

Allyson: Wait, do you have a cut in your hair?

Allyson: You've got a row of stitches six inches long! Why the devil didn't you tell me! Don't tell anyone I said 'devil'. You can't swear on Eynhallow. It's one of Xander's pet peeves. Go on, drink the tea. It's got a secret ingredient in it.

Allyson: The real secret to our guild is that I discovered a cure for cancer!

Kore: What kind of cancer?

Allyson: Oh, any kind.'s all cancer. Listen, the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, the hospitals! My discovery would put them out of business! It's a simple combination of natural herbs.

Allyson: When I think of all the people who suffer and die...when they could take my three-day course of infusions!

Allyson: Since I came'll know it when you sense it. The air on Eynhallow is different. Suddenly problems that you've tried to solve for years just open up for you. Some people say that Xander's telepathy all over the island makes people lucky. But I think it's more than that. I think it's the island itself speaking to us, welcoming us.

Allyson: I have to believe that...even though our lives have been broken by the telepath...we still have...someone...looking out for us.

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