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Chateau Grief 29

Allyson: Oh my goodness. I'm not helping, am I? Don't go telling anyone that I've got weird ideas about the island...or that I'm a new ager or anything. I'm not religious. I don't worship our mother earth.

Allyson: I just appreciate nature in a completely detached and scientific way. I'm a rational person. Xander's the one who is irrational!

Kore: Who is Xander? You keep saying 'Xander'.

Allyson: Eynhallow's Evil Overlord. He can read your mind. If you think something that bugs him, he'll come down here and punish you personally. He's obsessed with magic but he calls it telepathy because he can't stand anything spiritual.

Kore: Evil Overlord?

Thought(Kore): Take that back to the board of directors. Print me up a thousand business cards that say 'Evil Overlord'. That'll top the 'best dinner anecdote gathered on the vacation' list.

Allyson: They'll give you a magical device that you're supposed to unlock the psy-artifact to gain your freedom. Of course, it's all absurd because there's no such thing as freedom. But I really need you to try to get a dagger for our herb preparation ceremonies.

Kore: Sure.

Allyson: Inmates aren't supposed to choose so you can't be obvious about it.

Kore: Not a problem.

Allyson: I really need you to understand how serious this is. You can't let the telepath suspect.

Kore: Allyson, get me to a phone and you can have an ICBM for all I care.

Allyson: Blessings on you child. Be careful. Remember, if you get cancer, don't worry. I've got you covered.

Kore: Do not touch me. Ever again.

Author Notes:

No touchie. It's like a reflex.,