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Chateau Grief 112


Kore: You're not kidding about the telepath, are you.

Grant: Does it hurt you too?

Kore: Of course. Do you think I had lost all my self respect when he got a hold on me?

Grant: Doesn't it bother you what he's done? Or are you happy to seize all the power you can get?

Kore: What kind of a question is that?


Grant: You don't remember him at all do you?

Kore: Who? Xander?

Swordfish the Butler: Ahem?

Swordfish: I...uh...have the extra rental contract that you rang for.

Grant: Thank you. We were just leaving.

Swordfish: I'll call Anne and Beverly.

Swordfish: Or should I have them follow you?

Grant: No, thank you, Swordfish.

Author Notes:

In which Grant has underlings snarking at him for a change. And he's getting about as jumpy as a bullfrog.  Kore may have just needled him into more rage than she was figuring on.

Characters: Kore, Grant, Swordfish the Butler