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Chateau Grief 113

Grant(Offscreen): When you're tired of living, then you can throw your life away on Xander too. Not before.

Grant: I signed up for this after I lost everything that I cared about.

Grant: My family was gone, my country needed me, it was becoming clearer that the doves were going to get their way in Vietnam.

Grant: He was just a kid at the time. Scuffed up knees and all. And I didn't know any better. How could I when I was just a kid myself?

Grant: I had no idea what kind of creature he was. That it would haunt me like this.

Grant: All the things I've watched him do and never stood up for what was right! Because I knew it would do nothing. I don't even challenge him, not like I should.

Grant(Offscreen): You might thing that just because you've got his power that you won't be hurt by him. Well I'm telling you, it doesn't matter one bit.

Grant(Offscreen): I've spent years thinking about what I'd do if I was a telepath too. How I'd shock him. How I'd save his soul.

Grant: here it is.

Kore: Hey! O!

Grant: There's your answer.


Grant: This is the kind of man Vespasian Xander is.

Author Notes:

Ah, the mysterious door again.  Grant is having his usual bad day.  The full devilry of Xander's nefarious plans will soon become less opaque etc.   

Characters: Kore, Grant, something behind the door