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Chateau Grief 116

Xander: Dear Evil Overlord...there is an unconscionable amount of pigeon poop...on the carousel in Lethe Park. Enclosed pictures.

Xander: Eh. Looks fine to me.

Xander: Dear Evil Overlord, my brother painted a rude image on the wall of the Trapeze Guild. Thought You probably already know, I wanted...

Kore: Dear Evil Overlord...

Xander: what?

Xander: I mean, uh... you surprised...speak up you don't have to be afraid...

Kore: There's a man in the kitchen. General Grant took me to see him earlier today.

Xander: What!

Kore: Oh don't be angry with Grant!

Kore: I remembered him, he's a security guard with my company.

Xander: Well you've got to understand. Rhelan's got a serious axe to grind over that boy.

Kore: Why is he in there?

Xander: What do you mean, why? I can keep him anywhere I want.

Author Notes:

Day in the life of an Evil Overlord.  Such tragedy.  Poor him.  Hey, next week is going to get heavy, you have been warned...

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Characters: Xander, Kore