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Chateau Grief 179

Kore: I hate to seem picky, but can I ...get an actual suit for this debate?

Di: If you're not satisfied with something, change it.

Kore: I forgot the incantation.

Di: Excuse me! Do you have a moment to hear about how to put your immortal soul to work for you?

Narration (Kore): Di is prickling all over from the sensation of telepathy nearby.

Narration (Kore): It must mean she's got some latent sensitivity herself. Not that it really matters...

Narration (Kore): use to say 'try and send me a mental message' ... when I'm already far too acquainted with Di's embarrassing personal life.

Narration (Kore): Why do they hate you so much? Because you've given them everything they ever wanted?

Narration (Kore): He does it without much recourse to prisons, interrogations and gulags. But only because he could kill any one of them with a thought and they know it.

Narration (Kore): Now you sit in the back of my head...

Narration (Kore): a spider

Narration (Kore): Curious how your latest experiment will turn out...watching and breathing, holding your power back.

Narration (Kore): Wanting the secrets to last as long as possible... You're a fool, Ves. But you're endearingly confident in your own skin.

Xander: Kore...(should be Cora...)

Narration (Kore): Anyone in the world can be broken. Absolutely anyone.

Author Notes:

Two can play the lurking game. Kore, you realize Xander is still winning, don’t you? (note: Woohoo Chapter 8!)

Characters:Kore, Xander, Di, poor poor suckers waiting to swim into the net.

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