Chateau Grief 236

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Chateau Grief 236

Narration(Kore): Ves' telepathy --

Narration(Kore): How I had thirsted for this power all those years ago...when I didn't even know its name.

Narration(Kore): How I'd cursed it for not flying to my rescue...when I needed it. ...and

Narration(Kore): It's heroin, it's nicotine. It's cinnamon...

Narration(Kore): Would it be so difficult to make peace with him?

Narration(Kore): The man I'm increasingly referring to as 'ves', a voice always inside my head. A voice comfortingly real and present.

Narration(Kore): Whenever I turn aroun he's there to lean on, solace. ...or at least he's laughing at me.

Narration(Kore): There's a deeper story with Thanos Shane. Every mention of his name raises Xander's irritation -- every veiled thought is interpreted as an attack.

Narration(Kore): Is it merely that the bodyguard and I had enjoyed an understanding...the kind Xander wished to contract? Simple as that?

Kore: I have never been Thanos Shane's lover. If I say it out loud, will you believe me?

Author Notes:

Opens fridge with toes not telepathy.  Superpowers man. 

characters: oh you thought they were done for the night?

episode recap: 

So while Xander is busy demonstrating that he was in fact born in a barn and raised by wolves, Kore’s doing some serious hand twitches with that unlit cigarette. Xander is ignoring it and very intent on doing some relaxing with a cold one.  Kore wonders why she’s been given all this power now, rather than during her mysterious ‘before’, when it would have been handy.  She doesn’t have answers, she realizes, but she’s got at least one thing: Xander.  Always there.  Good natured, ill tempered  he’s there. Well right now he’s drinking and trying to pretend that he’s not aware of this whole voyeur thing she’s doing.  Which lasts for exactly two panels.  He’s not happy with himself for giving in though.  Kore takes the whole thing for reticence over her relationship with Shane, which she clarifies.  Do you believe her?  Do you think Xander will?