Chateau Grief 237

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Chateau Grief 237

Narration(Kore): What a thought! How does Xander expect my family to react to a situation like Shane?

Narration(Kore): One doesn't entertain a dalliance with the hired help. I don't get to choose who to be with.

Narration(Kore): The family can't afford to mix blood too thinly. And there are a long line of historical examples to turn to should anyone feel...exempt from this particular law.

Narration(Kore): Shane is plainly not that kind. Do you think you are?

Narration(Kore): Don't wish for that, Ves. ...that thing... you knew from the very first moment...

Narration(Kore): Your telepathy told you about my sharp sense of smell and heightened reflexes. ...everything I try to calm down...hide.

Narration(Kore): Would that be the best way to fight your fiolence? Hybridize Shane? Change his metabolic rate, his chemistry? With telepathy....I could.

Narration(Kore): Then he'd be our bastard child. Your telepathy and my cursed blood. I have no right to even think these things.

Xander: He's not a telepath. For reasons you point out, I wasn't able to make him understand how it worked.

Xander: His body can't respond to the changes I made in his mind.

Xander: Yours does.

Kore: God, Ves...

Kore: Don't make me do this to you!

Kore: Ok, ok. You want to know why?

Kore: This is why.

Author Notes:

Flashback!  With hand drawn backgrounds!  

characters: Kore, Xander

episode recap: 

Kore is still doing sleight of hand with the cigarette and Xander is still drinking.  To each his own.  Apropos of the declaration that she and Shane have never been involved, Kore explains a little about her social class and family situation.  It’s cryptic though, because Xander knows something about her that she alludes to without mentioning what exactly it is.  Kore tells him to be happy as he is and not wish to be like her.  Whatever.  They argue about Shane.  Again.  Xander provides a tiny piece of info in turn about his reasoning for refusing to heal Shane.  Xander implies that the things that make Kore whoever she is, also make her uniquely suited to deal with telepathy.  Kore, unable to handle the implications of this, decides to hand Xander some more information in the form of a vision.  In nice pastel colors.