Chateau Grief 242

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Chateau Grief 242

Kore: Is he…even human?

Grant: All the DNA tests said he was as human as anyone else. You know as well as I that he could have arranged that.

Grant: I think he wants to be human.

Grant: Why do you do this to me Kore? He’s human. I wish he wasn’t but he’s probably more—

Kore: --more human than either of us. I noticed.

Kore: It’s only been a few days and I’m way out of control. How will I be in a month? A year? Yes is a saint compared to what I’m going to do with telepathy.

Kore: Will I even know enough by then to wish I’d ended it…

Kore: …back when I had some dignity left?

Grant: There’s something else you should know. He’s not the first time there have been telepaths on earth.

Grant: We have some of the old ones’ skeletons. Personally I think they were literature’s divine heroes of old. Hercules. Perseus.

Kore: How tall were you in your prime, Rhelan? Seven foot two?

Grant: In sixty-nine they ran the entire US Army through a battery of tests to find me. In a foxhole. On hamburger hill.

Grant: Don’t let him take you down easily.

Kore: I will consider your words very carefully. Thank you for your help.

Author Notes:

I'm sure destabilizing already lunatic Xander will go very well for you Kore. 

characters: Xander, Kore, Grant

episode recap: 

Not content to have Xander get an earful about how Grant wants him dead, Kore nudges the line of discussion straight into the ‘perform dehumanization plz’ show.  It’s certainly a fair question though. Grant waffles.  Kore makes a few insinuating remarks that she and Grant may be less human than Xander is…as if she expects Grant to know what she’s talking about and whaddaya know, he does.  A black ops general with theories on the AQ, shocker.  And as it so happens, he wasn’t just randomly assigned to handle Xander way back in the day, no, nothing random about it.  Xander is clearly not happy with what Kore’s implying.  Grant, of course, wishes her well in her fool’s quest to defeat the invincible telepath, and hangs up to spend some quality time promoting his chances of contracting emphysema.  Xander is currently having emotional difficulties.  Kore is numb.  As usual.