Chateau Grief 241

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Chateau Grief 241

Kore: Rhelan, why do you give a damn?

Grant: He doesn’t love you, Kore. He doesn’t know what love is.

Grant: All he knows is selfishness, do what he wants and no conscience to bother him in the meantime. You’re on the same path. That’s telepathy, and there’s no way out.

Narration(Kore): Grant can’t know what the fighting means to me…how my entire present felt like a dull echo of a vivid past..then you broke through all that fog. Gave me a now for a night. I keep the face slash to remind myself that it happened…

Narration(Kore): But also… so I wouldn’t brush it off… so I wouldn’t forgive you…

Narration(Kore): Blood flowed freely from my arm again tonight…I haven’t given it much thought…

Telepathy(Xander): You should have.

Narration(Kore): Scratching, grasping fingers. He’s right, you’ll turn your claws on me again.

Telepathy(Xander): Or worse. Much worse.

Kore: I’m losing the ability to care.

Kore: Rhelan, I have to ask you…should I kill myself now while I still have my mind?

Grant: Who will stop him once you’re gone?

Grant: Not unless you can take him with you.

Author Notes:


characters: Kore, Grant, Xander

episode recap: 

Kore’s just asked Grant why he even cares that Xander is using/exploiting her.  I mean, isn’t Grant somewhat obviously the good Samaritan type?  But that’s not why Kore’s asking, she’s eliciting a nice little heartfelt unvarnished truth from him and Grant unknowingly obliges.  Yeah, Grant isn’t exactly super-fond of Xander.  He views him as an exceptionally dangerous babysitting gig.  Xander has to know all this, but it does hurt him to hear it out loud.  Xander knows everything about everybody, including why Kore would react to his brutality the way she does.  In fact he seems rather pleased with Kore’s declaration that she’s not going to forgive him. But it looks like her resolve in that direction is weakening.  Right up to the point where…well, you can see what happens.