Chateau Grief 246

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Chateau Grief 246

Narration(Xander): I wait until I can’t sense the crowd’s press so keenly…

Narration(Xander): Until I lose sight of the ocean.

Narration(Xander): There is one light

Narration(Xander): a comrade in arms that I would never have seen. One furious streak of confidence

Narration(Xander): except for that one, fragile chance.

Narration(Xander): the girl I could make a telepath. I’ve been so myopically stupid.

Narration(Xander): How could I have missed her for even a second?

Narration(Xander): And I’d missed her for nearly thirty years.

Author Notes:

Xander, when your parents told you George Washington was a good role model they didn't mean it like this.  

characters: Xander

episode recap: 

Xander is dealing with his problems with an entirely rational massive phlebotomy. Yup. He’s bloodletting the evil humors from his arm in stoically antiquated fashion.  Galen would be proud.  In this case, he says it’s to get himself to the edge of fainting so that his telepathy calms down a bit.  Wow Xander.  Naturally while he’s doing this, he’s beating himself up about not noticing Kore previously to last week.  However, it’s not that his keen powers of superhuman observation have failed him, no, there’s another reason why she’s ‘hidden under the radar’ so to speak.  It doesn’t seem like this is a good thing, but then again, maybe it’s a great idea to stay away from guys who play medieval barber in their spare time alone at night.  Isn’t there a musical about this?  Anyways, Xander is Wolverine so it doesn’t matter if he drips everywhere.  Nothing matters.  He’s fine as usual.  Except now he’s laughing like a maniac at the moon in a pool of blood.  Great.