Chateau Grief 247

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Chateau Grief 247

Narration(Xander): One day I should blow up the moon.

Kore: Do you believe in hell, Xander?

Kore: Do you want to find out?

Author Notes:

hell has been going on all night, Kore, if you hadn't noticed. 

characters: Xander, Kore

episode recap: 

Having exsanguinated himself sufficiently for one night, Xander gets ready for bed.  Eynhallow is completely deserted so it’s gotta be what, eight, eight thirty?  May I interject and say California cities go to bed way early.   Xander, somewhat woozily mentions that the moon’s days are numbered.  And then Kore appears out of nowhere and stabs him in the chest with a sword.  I mean, ok, that’s a sort of an interplanetary threat he did there, but still.