Chateau Grief 254

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Chateau Grief 254

Narration(Xander): Families. Politicians servants

Narration(Xander): All incapacitated by the inaudible shrieks of a convulsing telepath.

Narration(Xander): Like a varmint call drawing every wild coyote and cougar to the pain…

Narration(Xander):…of a dying innocent.

Author Notes:

Don't mind me, I'm just passing through.

Characters: everybody but mostly Xander. Eynhooligans all.

Episode Recap:

Dignity is restored with the hair. He really is a funny old guy. Well far from keeping the hallway from collapsing, he’s perfectly happy to let it shatter when he moves on through. And shatter it does. OH some nice shattering going on. Di is hauling out the previous Prime Minister and her rival the Minority Leader. Guido and his sous chefs look on dumbfounded. The twin housemaids Beverly and Anne are waiting for the roof to cave in. Xander is unconcerned. He pushes through a crowd of people, giving Swordfish a special pat on the back, and heads through a doorway to tackle the sort of Cherenkov radiation looking stuff inside.