Chateau Grief 265

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Chateau Grief 265

Qureshi: Leave your name with me and we’ll make sure you get housed somewhere. Any family living with you?

Xander: Just my dog. Are can wreck the place sometimes.

Xander: I’ve got to watch him or he’ll trash the furniture.

Xander: Thanks for that. Generosity. I don’t get that too often.

Qureshi: You’re welcome Yes, see you ‘round.

Xander: All hail the Diamond Warriors Resistance.

Author Notes:

Nothing to see here.

characters: Xander, Qureshi

Episode Recap:

Xander is ordering coffee at Qureshi’s bookstore, you know, like normal people do.  Qureshi’s heard his sob story about his house being demolished and offers to get him hooked up to a new place.  Xander mentions he’s got a pet who can be somewhat destructive.  Qureshi just hands him the sign-up sheet.  Xander of course signs with his full name.  Like, who can read that stuff.  Penmanship! Pshaw! Qureshi has drawn an adorable foam bookworm in the coffee.  So naturally Xander changes sides.  All hail the Diamond Warriors!  Down with the telepath!  Yeah.  He wishes.  He says goodbye politely and closes the door behind him.   Outside an ambulance is racing down the street.  Xander watches passively while chugging that latte. With relish.  But not mustard.