Chateau Grief 266

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Chateau Grief 266

ude: Can you put your cup down? I had you with the cup down before.

Author Notes:

much learning doth make him mad.

characters: Xander, Rando

Episode Recap:

Now Xander is sitting on a park bench with his coffee next to a dude in a wig watching the sunrise.  Car horns and flashing lights are playing vaguely in the distance.  Xander looks mad.  Great, now how do I recap this part?  He has a halo and a caduceus and someone’s breaking the Ten Commandments.  Although that’s not what’s really happening here at all. That’s not Hebrew. The Valles Marineris tops everything off. Because the red planet’s face would have to be disfigured.  Fine. I’ve said enough about that nonsense. It’s a cold morning so there’s a sun dog.  Rumpole of the Bailey asks Xander to put his cup down while he scribbles away with a no. 2 pencil.  I’ll bet he’s using lined notebook paper too.  Xander complies.  Dude can’t even drink his coffee in peace.