Chateau Grief 276

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Chateau Grief 276

Xander: You must be the most benighted numbskull…

Xander: …ever to drag his knuckles from the primordial soup…

Xander: …of a Congolese institute for advanced primate interpretive cubist

Xander: …finger painting…

Xander: …only to flunk out of the Bronx Zoo…

Xander: …for confusing the sign language for ‘banana’…

Xander: …with the sign-language for ‘feed me to the jaguar’.

Xander: Hear that?

Xander: Sheer panic. It’s that kid Kore managed to break both legs on two days ago. So what are they doing? Tie him to a chair and burn the house down. Because I healed him. Because I’m paying attention.

Xander: I am paying attention.

Author Notes:

I think the moral of the story is 'Don't push Xander into a corner' & nobody listens. 

characters: Xander, Shane, kid's name is Hugh I vaguely remember

Episode Recap:

Wham!  Pow!  & other Comic Book Sound Effects!  We all know Xander’s had it coming for a while.  Interspersed with all this are dark shots of the gloomy city and an unsightly amount of graffiti, some fires, and a gathered crowd.  Some smoke.  Xander’s been complaining about smoke in the air religiously for like twelve comics now.  And where there’s smoke… I dunno has he been beat up enough yet,  no?  Ok next frame, how about now?  No? Next frame then.  Anyways while Shane is doing the smashy thing, Xander is taking us on a trippy little trip through his mind, I think it’s meant as an insult.  He does end up splitting one of Shane’s ears in half.  Then he’s off talking about things that aren’t there again, vis. Where all that smoke’s coming from. Everyone’s overreacting a bit here, but hey, the party’s just getting started now, isn’t it?