Chateau Grief 282

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Chateau Grief 282

Xander: As you should all know by now, attempted murder is a capital crime.

Xander: Accessory to murder is also a crime. But I’m feeling lenient today,

Xander: so I’ll let you all off with a warning. Do try to remember these facts as you destroy your own homes.

Xander: You are dismissed.

Xander: Despicable. Did you hear what she was saying about ‘infection’ and ‘reproach’?

Grant: What’s it been, twenty years since you’ve done a public beheading?

Grant: I had hoped it would be the last.

Xander: You say that like I caused this.

Grant: I’m not even going to dignify that with a response. No way in Mandalay.

Author Notes:

Well ya sure as heck finished it. 

Characters: Xander, Grant

Episode Recap: 

Xander explains to everyone how it’s gonna work on Eynhallow and after he’s done, he lets everyone go.  Then he and Grant get into an argument over how Xander handled the situation.  Xander looks…well I can’t describe how he looks, despite everything I think he’s had a hard day.  Grant is predictably unmoved.  Xander will have to find understanding somewhere else.  Webtoons kids sorry again, you’ll have to head to for the beginning of this episode because like, the body is laying on the ground in front of him while he’s giving his little speech.