Chateau Grief 299

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Chateau Grief 299

Narration(Xander): Why?

Narration(Xander): Because I’m the responsible one. Easy.

Narration(Xander): The… responsible…guy who takes the fall…

Narration(Xander): The bad guy when one needs to go down.

Narration(Xander): A gentleman. But not a gentle man.

Shane: Don’t hesitate. Remember, I’ve got you if you fail.

Shane: Actually I lied. Fail and you would totally have broken your neck.

Kore: Thanos I’m gonna get you for that!

Kore: Patch. I’m putting an end to my demons.

Shane: Damn, you inspire me. I should too.

Kore: no you inspire me. Gotta run. See you Wednesday.

Narration(Xander): Why does he yet find fault?

Author Notes:

Because you’re a scumbag, Xander. 

characters: Xander, Kore, Shane

Episode Recap: 

Xander and Kore are continuing their stunt double little fight, with Kore doing all the pratfalls and Xander playing the bad guy.  He’s not happy about always playing the bad guy, probably because he’s a total ham.  So as he watches Kore doing all these flips and falls and things, he sees how she came to possess such training.  It’s Shane’s fault of course. We have a flashback.  As Kore does her training, the world goes from gray to color so to speak.  That’s what we call a heavy-handed metaphor.  Shane has been Kore’s personal trainer, as well as what we earlier heard from her of him being her security chief.  We get to see a glimpse of how their relationship was.  And of course Xander sees himself in Shane.  For reasons that I’ll leave untouched, in much the same way as Xander is silently struggling with unspeakable questions over Shane.  Xander’s always seen himself in Shane, and early on messed with Shane’s eyes to make sure Kore was reminded of the resemblance too.  Yep, he’s still nailed to that stove btw.  So, onward we go.