Chateau Grief 300

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Chateau Grief 300

Crowd: Lots of random thoughts.

Xander (telepathy): I hate this. Don’t ask this of me—

Kore (telepathy): It’s working Ves, you don’t have to like it.

Georg: Oh by the by…I approve of your delectable new hire. He presents well. I daresay you should promote him to arm candy. He’d make a smash at the family gala.

Kore: You want to test my strength? Lay a finger on him.

Xander (telepathy): Trial by water my friends!

Xander (telepathy): Kill Kore Smaragdos right?

Xander (telepathy): Right?

Author Notes:

But does she weigh less than a duck?  Marquess of Queensbury rules.

characters: Xander, Kore, Kore's dad 

Episode Recap: 

Well now everyone’s figured out who Xander is and he’s getting the whole show straight in the head, the whole panicked hero-hating worship of the island’s demon god.  And behind the slightly adjusted Shane-face, Xander is not happy.  Not.  Happy.  Kore holds his feet to the fire though, he’s making himself into a great little psychotic tyrant for the plebeians, why stop now?  Her plan, whatever it is, is working.  They continue to dance.  Xander’s seeing snippets from her past, and he gets a glimpse of Kore threatening her father over Shane.  Or Kore’s father threatening her over Shane.  Words were had.  Xander has given up pretending to be anything but a magically protected evildoer, and he follows Kore into the river to complete the witch-trial that the crowd started earlier with defenseless Di.  Kore’s got strange ideas & Xander is taking the time to instruct the now horrified crowd that they shouldn’t mindlessly repeat sloganeering if they’re not prepared to actually carry it out.  I dunno, he’s mad.