Chateau Grief 347

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Chateau Grief 347

Grant: Your work is excellent.

Grant: And this is Xander’s work. He was in this phase a few years ago. Before your time.

Marozi: Well, you can tell your friend the Evil Overlord…that I thank him tremendously for this kingly gift! I think I’ll be going now.

Grant: Make your own, telepath. I know what you are.

Grant: Can you imagine what might happen if those two decide to hit it off? Think of the people of this island! They live under one burden of telepathy they can’t bear two!

Grant: His loneliness is the only thing keeping Xander in check. Making him look at the world around him rather than what he feels inside his own head. If those two got together, I can’t imagine what it would do to him.

Grant: The beheading? Maybe the witch deserved it. The torture? Life is tough.

Grant: Last night I watched him intentionally drive a man insane. Stood by and watched. That’s when it hits you, Xander could get it through his head to do it to you, me, everyone, anyone.

Grant: If you’re like that, well I guess you’ll just squash me like the bug I am.

Grant: But before God I tried to stop you. Before God, I swear it!

Grant: I tried to beg! I tried to ask you for mercy.

Marozi: Fine. I’ll solve your problem with Kore. But you’ll owe me.

Grant: It’s a deal.

Author Notes:

oh no they shook hands on it even.  this is why you don't go out looking to make deals with these people.

Episode Recap:

Grant has been admiring his way through Kore’s diamonds stuff that she’s framed Rafe for, years remember how Rafe is sitting here, in full knowledge that Kore is using him to send Grant down a rabbit hole, anyways Grant show him that Xander was a bit of a magpie at some time in the past too.  Rafe is like, ooh glittery, but then Grant reveals his awesome detective skills by declaring that he knows Rafe is a telepath, and well you saw what Rafe’s subtle Italian comment was, I don’t have to point it out.  Grant doesn’t like the idea of Xander trading up, shall we say, and he frames it like ‘look at this unstable bastard Ves, imagine if he was even more manic depressive than he already is, what if she nagged him about his curtains’ Well Grant gives a pretty speech to an entity that really doesn’t much care about his petty little grievances.  But.  Ok, Marozi isn’t completely heartless.  He probably has about eleven hearts.  Give my big hearts to Maude, Wayne.  Marozi agrees that Kore needs to go, which was his orders all along.  But now Grant’s roped in with a fairy bargain to boot.  Great going Grant.  Great job.