Chateau Grief 346

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Chateau Grief 346

Marozi: Kore Smaragdos…

Marozi: What makes you think she’d come with me willingly?

Grant: Who said it had to be willing?

Marozi: And you’re going to provide the heavy guns to pull it off, huh? Does he know about this little scheme of yours to remove La Smaragdos, his prisoner, from his island?

Marozi: Do you think distance can separate them if he doesn’t want it too? Ad do you think nearness means anything different?

Grant: Look, if it’s that obvious to you what she is, how obvious will it be to everyone else?

Grant: You should have seen her get up without a scratch yesterday after what they did to her. Your resistance, those murderers! They wanted this to happen!

Grant: Now I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, but I’ve never stood by and watched a woman ravaged in my entire life before. Xander won’t protect her. I think he enjoyed it.

Grant: She is insane. And your jealous friends can’t wait to rip her to pieces and feast on her blood.

Grant: A woman died because of Kore, hyped to the gills by the Resistance’s rhetoric. A lot of people almost died. She can’t stay. It provokes them and they provoke him.

Marozi: I’ll lose my livelihood and my brother won’t take kindly to my moving in…just as he’s trying to get back together with his girlfriend. I’m a smuggler. She’s a cop.

Marozi: If you take a moment to notice…no one wants to leave. Eynhallow is a gilded cage.

Marozi: Besides up diamonds from a recipe! That’s ridiculous!

Marozi: You need to crush stars to get these.

Author Notes:

in which marozi insinuates...things

Episode Recap:

We’re in weird world. Think of it all as a metaphor. Anyways, they argue about whether it’s even possible to pry Kore off the island. I think the fact that Xander doesn’t interject at any point indicates his opinions on this whole matter. Grant wants to get Kore away. I think Grant would rather her to just not have ever existed, and I’m not sure Marozi doesn’t secretly agree with him. Especially since it was Kore who offered him up as bait to her cartel and sent Grant on this wild goose chase to begin with. And Marozi winds up pointing out that current geologic models to Grant and it’s oh so very…not him insinuating that he’s holding the literal crushed bodies of his vanquished enemies from ancient times. Why do I write these episode recaps? Isn’t it obvious?