Chateau Grief 352

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Chateau Grief 352

Kore: All this power and you’re telling me you want to feel that hangover?

Xander: Well, yeah. It’s just a headache. A life without feeling is…empty.

Kore: If you’re not faking it for sympathy…you’re a worse morning person than I am.

Xander: It’s not a hangover. It’s the telepathy.

Xander: Gets me when I’m asleep. Wide open. Full bore.

Xander: Then the entire island wakes up eat five in the morning, chattering.

Xander: Takes me a while to throttle it back down.

Xander: Coffee is God’s holy gift to mankind.

Kore: Well, here’s to God’s gifts then.

Xander: Oh magic is wonderful.

Kore: You’re a wreck, you know? How long does it take you to regain your savior faire.

Xander: Gallon or two.

Xander: And a mind like starlight through the fog.

Xander: Don’t laugh at me, I don’t have anything to go by. NO experience in this sort of thing whatsoever.

Xander: No one asks me about my headaches. Don’t you understand?

Kore: Grant cares about you.

Xander: That’s not the same as what you’re feeling.

Kore: Because I’m afraid of you!

Author Notes:

c'mon Xander, doesn't this outburst deserve an 'off with her head!'