Chateau Grief 353

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Chateau Grief 353

Kore: You, that day, I saw you. You pressed your hands to the glass and watched people as the sun set. And it shattered me that I’d done the same thing thousands of times, looking for…someone…

Kore: You ripped my heart out. Made me interested. I couldn’t ignore you. And then what?

Kore: You begin to fight me. You begin to hurt me. Hurt the people close to me.

Kore: Oh Ves, you’ve made me very afraid.

Xander: Because you have no severe medical issues that require constant monitoring. And Shane can be left quietly all day without getting himself into trouble.

Xander: Hurt you? After your grandfather’s intervention that’s not even possible! As I proved definitively.

Kore: How can I expect you to understand…when I haven’t told you…anything…

Xander: You don’t have to. I left everything to get away from it. But it’s followed me. It always finds me.

Kore: They kept me on drugs so I wouldn’t die as they were…summoning…when I was free the monkey wouldn’t let me go.

Kore: it took me four years to get clean. Four years and every time I’d close my eyes, I’d be back, trapped, without hope of escape, tortured out of my mind. No one thought I’d make it, that I’d ever be free, much less sane, or that there’d be anything left of me to recognize. But I was given a second chance.

Kore: This is my second chance.

Kore: You’re a dangerous man, full of your own pain.

Kore: You’re like a dying star, ready to suck anything that comes near you into your own torment, but you can’t have…

Kore: …me. I’m not going to mess up my second chance.

Kore: I’m going home. And I have a home to go back to and a job and my family and responsibilities. It’s not perfect…

Kore: …but that’s ok.

Xander: Well.

Xander: Take me with you.

Author Notes:

“I could stow away in your luggage…”,