Chateau Grief 358

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Chateau Grief 358

Di: I didn’t expect for them to just forget Kore’s existence. XXXX Politics!

Di: At least now I’ve got power to match yours with…

Di: If you planned all that, Kore, I’m impressed.

Xander: Hm.

Xander: I suppose it means Kore will have to hold another public appearance.

Xander: What about another debate?

Xander: I thought that went so well.

Kore: Let…let go!

Xander: You weren’t nearly so squeamish three days ago when you invaded my bed to laugh at my body.

Di: No. No. No. This is not happening. Kore you are fired from this campaign. I quit!

Di: Both of you get out of my house. I’m going to wake up in an hour and this will all be a bad dream.

Di: Then I want you both to get back in here and stop being the idiot versions of yourselves and let’s sit down and be serious!

Di: Kore you need a public appearance. Book signing! Scatter leaflets! Write a political pamphlet. It’s a Satanist tradition, pamphlets, look at Benjamin Franklin!

Xander: I was unaware Franklin subscribed to Satanism.

Kore: Di, he’s being mean to you. Don’t be so gullible.

Kore: It’ll only encourage him.

Kore: Absolute bastard.

Xander: You see Di? Don’t look to her this argument is between you and me. I have her eating out of my hand.

Xander: Simple enough.

Xander: Always was.

Author Notes:

And we all wonder why he's still single.  I think I've said that before, actually.