Chateau Grief 357

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Chateau Grief 357

Kore: Di, the point of this was to increase your influence not for me to actually replace Ves.

Kore: What would I do with another island? I hadn’t planned on them looking to him as a savior conveniently solving everyone’s psychological problems.

Kore: Don’t all stand up and thank me at once.

Narration (Xander): She’s distracted, finally, and I can…think…

Di: The point was to get people to rely on themselves, and not look to wizards to save them!

Kore: So to this end we decided to invoke Satan and his minions. This is all your fault, Kaiser.

Narration (Xander): We all have our scars.

Narration (Xander): But I can’t even talk about…

Narration (Xander): …

Narration (Xander): …because I had the power to stop it…I could have said no. And I said…nothing.

Narration (Xander): And she never stopped fighting. She never lost hope. She knew what was right.

Narration (Xander): And I had to see it for myself.

Kore: I forgave him. Forgiveness, you know, that thing that you’ll never deserve.

Narration (Xander): She’s still smiling at me even after I forced her secrets. Mind reader. Telepath. My telepath.

Narration (Xander): She trusted me. And I can’t let her in.

Narration (Xander): I just never thought she would give an old blind jackass like me a chance.

Narration (Xander): She deserves better than that.

Author Notes:

It was all going too well,