Chateau Grief 361

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Chateau Grief 361

Kore: My masters?! I freed myself from those cyclists!

Kore: With help. With a lot of help.

Kore: But not without giving up something in return.

Xander: Do you think any of that matters to me? Did you miss the fact that I can do anything?

Xander: Look I healed your precious Shane. Take him and leave this place.

Kore: I will. You’re a kind man, Ves, and I wish I’d met you before my life’s course was set.

Kore: But I met my fate on the road to Damascus. Well. In a hospital in Damascus anyways.

Kore: In a hundred years or so, I’ll head south and walk out into the ice.

Kore: I’m not going to pretend that I could forget you. But I’ll have kept my promises, and that’s about all I do these days.

Xander: I thought you were a negotiator and whatever he says goes for you, that’s it?

Xander: He gave you your scars. He took a seventeen-year-old-girl and threw her into a volcano. He didn’t rescue you.

Kore: Thanos Shane did.

Author Notes:

good thing he's better now, hey?