Chateau Grief 362

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Chateau Grief 362

Xander: Cora, you know you have to face this.

Xander: Scars, I can deal in, but minds…they’re different.

Xander: You wouldn’t want a steamroller, terrified mind like mine…to heal yours. Or Thanos Shane’s.

Kore: I didn’t ask. Will you leave me in peace? Do I have to threaten you?!

Kore: I’ll see how Thanos is today. And then I will leave.

Kore: And you will leave me too. And stay away.

Author Notes:

yo my irl supply chain difficulties resulting in Chateau Grief shrink-flation.  These 20+frame comics are getting too hard to do with the increased load in my daily grind, and I'm going to take a break and do 10 panels instead for a while.  No hiatus though.