Chateau Grief 363

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Chateau Grief 363

Xander: Nothing matters to me. I can do anything I want.

Xander: I can change your body. I can change your mind.

Xander: I can turn your mind in my favor this very minute.

Kore: As if you’d even have too.

Xander: I can make you forget Thanos Shane.

Kore: Then do it.

Xander: You nearly kissed me at Di’s I must be quite repulsive to you.

Xander: You must regard me with the same patronizing composure that you give all senior citizens. A feeble dirty old man, like you said I was too Rhelan.

Xander: I’d rather wait to see what you’ll do next.

Kore: I may do something terrible. That neither of us can undo.

Author Notes:

this is not helping, ves.