Chateau Grief 370

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Chateau Grief 370

Shane: It didn’t hurt you so much before.

Kore: I had no control over this trap. I couldn’t have stopped it or made him ignore it.

Kore: Not for a fortune. Not with an army. He was waiting to seize us the moment we wrecked.

Kore: Maybe we should have died but then he wouldn’t allow it.

Kore: He said you were healed and now I am forced to believe it. So now you’re a telepath. You have the power to now, don’t you?

Shane: Yes.

Kore: Oh it’s happening. The trap is sprung.

Shane: We understood each other once. We had a future together. Somehow… we still have a future.

Shane: You have a choice. So do I.

Shane: He can’t take that away from us.

Kore: I am losing my mind.

Author Notes:

Oh darlin' that's gone long gone and never coming back.,