Chateau Grief 371

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Chateau Grief 371

Kore: There’s no going back, is there, Ves?

Kore: No chance to put it right, even with all the power in the world.

Shane: Kore…

Kore: Yes Vespasian, no going back!

Kore: All roads lead to hell, is that it?

Kore: Αφέστε μου, θανος.

Shane: Kore!

Narration (Kore): Anger…at least that is genuine.

Κορε: Επισκευάσει, μαγος!

Narration (Kore): But of course he can’t understand, it takes a few seconds to adjust.

Author Notes:

smash the piano, she knows how to get someone hopping mad.

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