Chateau Grief 376

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Chateau Grief 376

Xander: I’ve got her, Rhelan, I’ve won! You should have seen her face. She’s a horror. What an awful excuse for a woman! Are they all so easily manipulated?

Grant: Good thing I’m being paid by the hour.

Xander: Can you tell me why a woman can’t tell the difference between any man and any other man? Maybe it’s just her. Maybe she’s too damaged. Addict, if you didn’t know.

Xander: I got away scot-free and she chewed me out for something else.

Grant: If it’s what I think and you’re infatuated, I understood you years before you did.

Xander: Did you see those scars?

Grant: Just felt them through her shirt. Did you find out what happened?

Xander: My God, they’re the worst things I’ve ever seen. She claimed it only took six weeks but I’m not sure I believe her.

Xander: Don’t lecture me in your head! I’ve had a shock. Do you know anything about torture?

Xander: You were CIA for so long, you have to know.

Xander: And no, I’m not going to get trapped in your mind looking for something as horrid as torture.

Author Notes:

sometimes a guy just needs a drink or three,