Chateau Grief 377

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Chateau Grief 377

Grant: Don’t you torture us all enough without researching the professional techniques?!

Grant: We were instructed what to do if we were caught by the enemy. They drilled a hole in my back tooth for a cyanide capsule. You remember that, don’t you?

Xander: Yes I do. I’m still waiting for a thank-you for fixing up your mutilated mouth.

Xander: Barbarians! Were you ever tortured?

Grant: Yes.

Xander: What was it like?

Xander: It still bothers you doesn’t it?

Xander: Not something you’d just move on from, was it? I should know I still nix your nightmares every few weeks.

Grant: If you’re so curious then have at me! Perform your Vulcan mind-meld and satiate your sadistic curiosity!

Author Notes:

Grant is rather...obtuse here, ain't he?