Chateau Grief 384

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Chateau Grief 384

Grant(Narration): The opportunity of a lifetime.

Officer: Lieutenant Grant! They told me you were seven feet tall, but I wasn’t prepared for you to duck under the door like that.

Officer: No, no formalities here, we’ve got brass to meet.

Officer: They want to look you over. Any questions?

Grant(Narration): I’d been issued an extremely redacted folder. Name. DOB. That was it. And one incessantly repeated word.

Grant: What’s a telepath?

Officer: Telepath. Well, he’s just a kid, really. Godawful tall like you.

Officer: Sometimes he can read minds. Or we think he can.

Officer: If it’s an act he’s got a lot of people fooled.

Officer: Kid can crawl out of any jail we tried. Handcuffs. Electroshock. Drugs. Nothing holds him.

Officer: He’s slicker than Houdini. I don’t know what to think.

Officer: He’s got these eyes that seem to stare straight into your soul. Enough to unnerve anyone. Can’t think rationally when he’s looking at you like that.

Officer: Well,

Officer: Let’s go meet Gene.

Author Notes:

Xander's interior decorating aesthetic has changed over the years. ,