Chateau Grief 383

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Chateau Grief 383

Kore: It’s a legend in my family…

Kore: There’s an invisible barrier that some of us cross.

Kore: Something inside us just vanishes. I remember speaking to my grandfather in the hall, curtseying because I was quite small, and suddenly knew that I was alone in the mirror.

Kore: And then it comes to you in a great rush, this is not your grandfather, but your great-grandfather, a thousand generations back…

Kore: Beowulf… Odin… — how many times did I notice the ravens!

Kore: Perhaps the great Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus..or all three in a great sleepless wandering of the earth.

Kore: Beyond one lifetime, there isn’t much the mirrors can reflect.

Grant(Narration): I’ve seen them.

Grant(Narration): I’ve seen the wraiths. On the fateful day that started everything.

Kore: A long time ago I felt like I should have crossed the bar, now I realize I did not even understand the depths of madness.

Grant(Narration): It’s all coming back with the clarity of a rushing freight train.

Grant(Narration): The day I saw…

Grant(Narration):…terrible things…

Author Notes:

Oh no I have a splinter in my thumb, just hold still, self...