Chateau Grief 387

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Chateau Grief 387

Marozi: What’s the name again?

Dude: Telepaths Cannot Pontificate In Person.

Dude: TCPIP, like netto-working protocol. We need your Moses. Telepath should not come outside palace. Had enough.

Marozi: I agree completely. How about Thursdays?

Dude: I have fryer.

Marozi: Best of luck.

Qureshi: I must make apple chutney to go with the kebabs. The scents will mingle and bring in customers.

Qureshi: You must prop the door open and the windows upstairs. It will reach people in the street and bring them inside.

Marozi: Sure thing.

Narration(Marozi): Qureshi never misses a harvest. Stone-ground acorn flour, purslane, kelp, lambs quarter, pumpkins, pickles, pears…

Narration(Marozi): The fire has been great for publicity.

Narration(Marozi): The perfect launch for our illegal Christmas party.

Kore: I know I’m banned from the premises. I didn’t have any other place to go.

Kore: I need advice.

Marozi: I’ve been meaning to talk to you as well. Heat’s on me. Which you know.

Kore: I keep asking myself why I’m still here. There’s nothing for me here.

Marozi: Ok, look. I’m kidnapping you.

Marozi: Time to get away from this mess. I’ll show you all the shops in Eynhallow.

Marozi: I’ll bring you flowers, take you to dinner, and cheesecake for dessert.

Kore: I’ve had enough of kidnapping for one lifetime, thanks.

Marozi: I promise to be a witty dinner companion. If you like, I’ll be incorrigible and romantic and no doubt could almost make you forget…

Marozi: …a handsome pair of gray eyes for a few hours.

Author Notes:

Moving in, moving on.