Chateau Grief 388

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Chateau Grief 388

Kore: I shouldn’t think of him, right? How can I stop?

Marozi: A lot has changed since you and I spoke last.

Marozi: There are…developments…I must tell you about.

Kore: He’s somehow managed a complete reversal of fortune. Yesterday I would have sworn I’d never think of him again after I left here.

Kore: And then it happened and I’ve never felt so bad in my life. Tell me I did the right thing.

Marozi: My dear, you need a shoulder to cry on. What a mésalliance.

Kore: And then?

Maorzi: Put up Christmas ornaments at the bookstore for the sale?

Kore: That’s a solid gold deal.

Kore: You don’t happen to know some nice restaurant where I can get a large refreshing pitcher of vodka, do you?

Marozi: Resistance doesn’t drink. And neither should you.

Kore: You’re going to hell, Rafe.

Marozi: Fortunately not.

Marozi: But you could tempt me, you know. It’s what I have to tell you about.

Marozi: You did fantastically well with Ves. He’s given in.

Marozi: He’ll move on. He’ll obey.

Marozi: It makes it difficult for me. For the first time, I am required to see you in a different…

Marozi: …light.

Author Notes:

I am disturbed to find out what this means.,