Chateau Grief 391

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Chateau Grief 391

Marozi: It’s about time I started dragging my work group together for a day of building sheep fences. I think Grant’s group is assigned to this as well, you slackers, if you wanna join.

Kore: You could just ask me to build the fence for you.

Marozi: There is a limit to what a silly woman knows about fence construction.

Marozi: This is serious business. Think of it as art.

Kore: You talk of limits like they still exist for me.

Marozi: Everyone has limits. Even if you think you rebel, there is only one path you can run, one destiny, that always was, and will be.

Marozi: And I take enormous comfort in that. I always liked you. I knew I saved your life for a reason.

Kore: I saw that, rafe.

Marozi: Gosh, I can’t sneak anything by you telepaths. Ha! Ha!

Author Notes:

I fully expect no one to know what's going on here, so I told the patrons a hint.