Chateau Grief 390

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Chateau Grief 390

Marozi: General Grant wants you gone too. He asked me to take you away. I think he’d be happy if I shipped you off planet.

Kore: Good. That means he’ll help us get Shane out of the palace.

Marozi: I’m not sure what is right anymore. It’s all changed. The world changed last night. He committed an entirely selfless act and that shouldn’t have been possible. I have no idea what to have you do now.

Kore: Ves…

Kore: …Xander…told me goodbye.

Marozi: And I’m telling you hello.

Marozi: Welcome to the family. That sort of thing. Don’t worry, you and he will have a long time to get over it. Forget the ice prison, you’re out.

Kore: You mean…

Marozi: I’ll go with you and Shane to San Francisco. My brother Adrien is bringing in a shipment in two days. From there…

Marozi:…it’ll be an adventure.

Author Notes:

Marozi has a large family.,