Chateau Grief 394

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Chateau Grief 394

Esme: I know who you are. You’re a spy for the government Satanists or worse! I came to listen because I actually care about people. Even you.

Grant: I’m with the Advancement of Plastic Products in Landfills Enterprise. We’ve been contracted to promote educational campaigns to save the natural ecology of the historic civic dump.

Narration(Grant): This had all sounded more convincing last night after my sixth beer.

Grant: I saw you speak the other day, and it occurred to me that all we were doing was oppressing the people, you now? When you spoke about how we were all equal underneath, it just made sense.

Narration(Grant): Of course, omitting the fact that I was sitting on a car’s hood with Xander at the time.

Esme: I’m listening.

Narration(Grant): But no one ever seemed to notice Eugene, until he waved his arms around and shouted a bit and got folks to look at his weird wild eyes.

Grant: I don’t know about Prime Minister Di’s new aide. The blonde woman. She gives me a feeling like spiders are crawling in my ears.

Esme: I know.

Esme: I’ve felt it too. Kore Smaragdos is her name, the resistance has our best agent assigned to keep her under control.

Grant: The Resistance has got to stop her, this…Kore, I can hardly bear having her on this island for another minute. Isn’t there something that can be done? If only there was some way to force her to tell us the truth.

Esme: Why did you ask to meet me here, Mr. Grant. Let’s not play games.

Grant: The island would be unbearable without the Resistance.

Grant: Mix this with water or oil. Put it into a hypodermic needle. You won’t need to find a vein for it to be effective. It’ll be over in a minute or so.

Esme: Where did you get this?

Narration(Grant): Cracked the pill in air that was dead calm. Stoppered the glass with a cork. These days it’s never difficult to find a cork in my house.

Grant: Plastics guild. We boil this with road tar to make nylon. Then you can create landfills. Look, it’s an erotic fetish thing. Don’t judge my lifestyle.

Esme: The Resistance will remember you for this.

Author Notes:

Late upload today, sorry.  There’s a dealio happening on webtoons and tapas where I’m migrating the second part into a new comic to deal with their awful pagination system.  Nothing changes here though.  But next week we’re officially starting Chateau Grief Volume 2: GRIEF AND CIRCUMSTANCES.  I may restart the numbering system.  I may not.  I have a whole week to decide dammit.