Chateau Grief 395

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Chateau Grief 395

Caption: Eynhallow Island. The Farallons, California

Narration(Grant): I’ve just committed…the unforgivable sin.

Narration(Grant): I gave a vial of cyanide to the Resistance…

Narration(Grant): …the Resistance against my friend, our Evil Overlord.

Narration(Grant): Yesterday he cut a woman’s head off in the street for attempted murder.

Narration(Grant): His mind is drawing me to his location even now.

Narration(Grant): I have to talk my way out of it. And now I don’t know if these steps, will be my last.

Narration(Grant): Why did I do it?

Narration(Grant): For him, of course.

Author Notes:

It's here!  yeah i'm restarting the numbering system. I ran out of fingers and toes.  sue me.  Other than that, nothing changes.